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a solution which fits into your workflow, not the other way around.

Tendering Tool

Project Management Tool

Procurement Processing Tool

Invoicing and Boq Tracking Tool

Team and Project users Tool

Document Management Tool

Project Scheduling Tool

Dashboard and Reporting Tool

Streamline Tendering process, Project Approvals and Project Submittals at one place
Get Live Updates of any of your project at any given point of time
Easily Compare Received Bill of Quanities with a single Click
Increase and strengthen your network by showcasing your prole to the world
Get benited with Standard Operating Procedures
Have multiple Projects and employees on board with single account
Smarter Communication Channel with Main Contractors

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The Conventional way still uses paper and spreadsheets to manage issues at construction projects with all your contractors & Suppliers. It’s tedious and there are tons of painpoints




Now you can successfully and consistently nail your projects with Yovza’s suite of collaboration software, project workflows and useful analytics.



The conventional way was inefficient in terms of real time communication of multiple actions by many project stake holders involved in each Project.




Through Yovza, you can eaily manage the flow of information to all the project stake holders in a single click, avoiding all confusions and missleads.



You had to follow up and constantly keep an eye on the project milestones, manually update the Grantt charts every now and then.




Through Yovza, you will be able to get all the details of your project readily availalbe at any given point of time in a project life cycle, which also maintains an automated Grantt Chart.


We have More !


Receiving an automatically organized quotations is no more a dream. Now you can get all your quotations received for each project segregated and also compare them in a singel click


Now you can easily manage all your project related RFI’s. Simply create and email your RFI’s straight from our solution.


Always stay on the top of your Team. Assign tasks to your team members including Sub contractors. Set automated reminders for all project milestones, Approvals and Submittals.


Create and send the project submittals swifter than ever. Know the status of each submittal any time. Set Due dates and automated reminders for each submittals.


Organize and Manage all details of your project stake holders. Rate their work performance based on your past experience with them. And upload their license documents and set reminders on expiration.


Now you can easily change and monitor all the LPO’s getting released from single source of truth. Always know the status of each LPO both received and sent.

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Yovza Construction Management Saves upto 70 %
of Your Present Cost Gauranteed

How much time do you spend creating and chasing down documents?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our solutions are developed, keeping the construction industry in mind and specific to the same. If you want us to develop any solution like the one which we have developed, you are free to contact us through the form below.

Yes, we have developed Yovza to place it in market as a cost-effective alternative ERP solution exclusively designed for Construction Industry here in UAE. If you still have queries regarding setting up of your account, you can anytime contact us either through your account with us or through the contact form below after going through Help tab in your account.

You can use our solution in any country as long as our deployed logics and steps matches the local working procedure in that particular country. If not, please write to us, in order to make our solution location based friendly too.

No, absolutely not, we have developed this solution in order to accommodate the left-out community and our main moto is that we always focus on second sales rather on to first sale, because we are looking out to serve you for more long years to come.

As you can see, we have already placed our cost so competitive so that each project stake holder, from Architectural Consultants to Material Supplier, from companies having turn over around AED 200,000 to Millions can easily participate, encourage and take advantage of unique exclusivity of this solution. So, we are afraid that we will further not be able to further reduce our price through direct discounts, but we can work out something alternative for our loyal customers.

No, absolutely not, you are not bond to use our solution on compulsion. In fact, we offer a 30 Days Money Return Guarantee as per our cancelation policy mentioned below. Moreover you can cancel your account with us any time you wish to do so by writing us an email.

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Yovza is a cloud-based Construction Project Management Software designed to help the Engineering Consultants, Contractors and Material Suppliers to successfully manage and run their projects in the most simple and efficient way.

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