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About The Company

We help create the world's greatest structures, by creating smarter solutions for managing construction workflows.

A team is only as strong as his leader is. Our founder, a Construction Engineer himself, has been handling construction projects worth millions of dollars for more than a decade. Saw his industry going through a lot of hustle, costing both time & money and most importantly destroying the planet, decided to quit his corporate job to join forces with socially conscious businesses within the region to improve the standards of his own Industry.
Since the formation back in 2017, Yovza has helped more than 500 companies digitize their approval workflow from UAE alone. Yovza has helped contractors digitize their operational workflows to save 70% of their time & efforts presently involved.-- Meet, Madan, Founder of Yovza - Construction Simplified

Our Story


The humble beginning

Late 2017, The Idea of affordable unified construction solution bringing all key stakeholders under a single umbrella came into existence.


Early years

After tireless research and constant feedback of over more than 500 companies, the Founder has now started his work on developing the real product.



As soon as the beta version of the product got into the market, Yovza was fortunate to get the support of top incubation centers from the region (Infive/Sharjah Entrepreneurs Center) followed by 500 startups.



Yovza has a clear path of creating impactful values for the industry by providing them access to many more innovative and creative solutions hereafter.

Our Values

We are united by our values, future pioneers, leaders, and free-thinking individuals!


We are a firm that seeks innovation at every step of the process to solve challenges and create value. 


We believe in moving forward and having a positive outlook that drives us ahead. 


We are creating sustainable solutions that use tech to improves our living without harming the current environment,

Recent Interview of our Founder with 500 Falcons

Our Team


Madan Kumar.

Chief Executive Officer

A Post Graduate Construction Management Engineer having more than 11 years of diversified experience handling 150 Million $ + worth of projects across GCC. Now, on a mission to pull his industry out from manual workflows.


Maya Acra .

Chief Commercial Officer

An Actress, a Presenter, a Founder, a digital marketing strategist having more than 10 years of experience in handling sales and closing, including founding her own company social mode. Now have join forces to help the construction industry 


Naga Kiran .

Chief Technological Officer

The brain behind the technological aspect of the product, having more than 25 + years of experience in building and successfully deploying multi-million IT products across the globe. Have taken the decision to build serious solutions for the construction industry


Syed Imaduddin Jafri

Strategic Advisor

A Senior Executive with Civil Engineering background having 34 years of experience in the construction industry specifically in project development, project management and general contracting. Established and managed construction businesses as General Manager/ Director. Since the last twenty-five years implemented and used construction management applications and collaborative platforms, for estimation, planning cost control and documentation.As a team member/leader, he managed some of the iconic and landmark projects in GCC.

Some thoughts about our Founder by other Founders


Mady, you are an extraordinary person and a good friend. I am so proud of you that you have achieved great progress and became a benchmark for all of us in MiSK batch 3.

Lamya Al ShammaryFounder - MWJ Marketplace


Energy, Passion, Positivity, Always Asking Questions, Speaking to others, Putting in 110% in every task assigned. Madan had brought in one of the biggest changes I've seen mentoring startups within such a shorter span of time. 

Tom BrooksAccelerator Manager - 500 Startups


I really enjoy working with you, Madan. Even when the going gets tough, you continue to have the best attitude! You’re really good at cheering everybody up! Thanks for always being there to lend a helping hand.

Mutlaq Alsubaie Founder - Ridewee


A man of his word. a true friend. a shoulder to lean on and most importantly when you need him he is always there. Always happy and uplifting and always look at the bright side. 

Heba AlfazariFounder - Coveti


Resiliency, Energy, Enthusiasm, Smartness, Genuineness, Team Spirit and at last Humility. You have all the critical skills of the right founder. I am really proud of having you with us Madan

Jérôme DewavrinEntrepreneur In Residence - 500 Startups


Being positive and always willing to learn. That's what makes a great entrepreneur. I am sure you would be one, wish you all the best Madan

Sali ElagabMentor - Sheraa


Your genuineness makes everyone love you bro and it was such a pleasure witnessing your progress during the 3 months. I wish you all the best for all your future endeavors 

Danny AblaFounder - Bankiom


Always high on energy and positivism. You were by far one of the hardest working and most dedicated founders I have seen. I am so impressed. I’m looking forward to following your journey ahead.

Marcus SandbergMentor - 500 Startups


Lovable, loud, and funny, with a great personality to work with and to have as a friend. I am personally impressed with the hard work you put in everything. Wish you all luck in your future endeavour, Madan!

Abdullah Al AshikhCo-Founder, Tammwel


You are very good in Participation, emotional and mental support for the team, communication skills and self-expression. I believe you’re an amazing person and an awesome founder!

Tash Jefferies Entrepreneur In Residence - 500 Startups

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