2 Easy Ways To Utilise Lockdown- DIY Home Improvement

2 Easy Ways To Utilise Lockdown- DIY Home Improvement

Paint a Room

Painting is by far the cheapest and easiest way to change the look of a room. New furniture, new flooring or other such projects can cost an arm and a leg but paint is around $20 a gallon which can easily be enough for a medium 10 x 10 room.

For your first DIY home improvement projects, buy the paint in the color you wish to have and ask the salesperson at the home improvement store to recommend which finish is best for you. For high traffic areas like a kitchen for instance, an egg shell finish is great because it is easy to wipe clean. For a more serene area of your house, such as a bedroom, a flat, matte finish is a better choice because it can give a more peaceful look to your special area.

After you have chosen your paint, your DIY home improvement plan will need paint rollers more than anything else. Choose a large enough size with which you can easily paint a large W on your wall. Too small a roller will make your DIY home improvement project take forever. A size which is too big for your hands will also impede efficiency. You need not buy special drop cloths if you have any spare fabric lying around at home. You would however want to buy a good painting tape as that will help you get neat corners and save your base boards and door frame from getting paint on them.

Try a new paint effect such as sponge painting, corduroy effect, stone wash etc so that you go beyond the plain wall. If you are hesitant about your DIY home improvement project such as painting, then you can watch a video online or attend a workshop t your local home improvement center, often free of cost.

Update Light Fixtures

If you want to update the look of your home with a simple DIY home improvement project, change your light fixtures. You could either get more contemporary looking lights or you could take down your current ones, tape the glass and then spray paint the metallic parts of the fixture a different color. Always attempt this DIY home improvement outdoors so that you do not have to inhale too many paint fumes.

The light fixtures in your bathroom can also be given a face lift by just changing the bulbs to a more incandescent lighting to give your bathroom a relaxing, dreamy feel. When you need bright light for shaving or make up application, you can make use of a brightly lit magnifying lamp instead of spoiling the ambiance of your bathroom.