A Palette of Creativity with Mosaic Stepping Stone

A Palette of Creativity with Mosaic Stepping Stone

A mosaic stepping stone is a good way of turning a plain, boring stepping stone into a work of art. Almost every design and motif can be reproduced using mosaic tiles, and the range of design can vary from abstract to specific items that can be incorporated into the decorative theme of a landscape. These stones also create impact through their intensive use and mix and match of colors.

Creativity and imagination are at the foremost plan of the mosaic stepping stone. It allows for customization and personalized designs and motifs to fit any whim and fancy, and also makes a design flow into a landscape. Furthermore, its mosaic design has the allure and feel of Renaissance artists and artwork, and this can be used as a spectacular accent.

Mosaic stepping stone is available in kits from almost all good art supply and craft shops, as well as through online sites that cater for such art. But these can also be created at home from scratch, and it is a good way of using leftover or broken pieces of tiles, or even of broken china and ceramic utensils. These pieces can be affixed upon a plain stepping stone, though in this case, one would need some of the tools and materials used by mosaic artists. Supplies for mosaic stepping stones are available from specialist mosaic stores and websites, but the imaginative artist will need to look no further than his surroundings, and at the same time, not have to dip his hand in his pocket.

The latest trend of mosaic stepping stone is concrete stone with stained-glass mosaic design. These are available finished, or in kits that include stained glass designs, stained glass background, glue, and mortar.

When finished, mosaic stepping stone should be allowed to cure for 3 days before the top sealer is applied. Another week should be allowed before the stepping stone can be placed in the garden and used.