Driveway Paving Options

Driveway Paving Options

Driveway paving has been around for a long time and homeowners often enjoy the functionality and beauty of a driveway. In the past, concrete and asphalt have been the materials of choice for most people. But today, there are many more driveway paving options to consider. Many of these options offer a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance and still maintain high integrity and structural strength.

If you're considering driveway paving or replacing an existing driveway, it is worth your time to evaluate various options before you make a final decision. Some of the choices available to you today include:

1.Stamped concrete. This is one of the most popular methods of driveway paving today. It is easily accessible and affordable for most homeowners. Stamped concrete is a simple process. Wet concrete is poured over the surface. Imprints are made in the wet concrete based on your preference. For example, you may choose an imprint that gives the illusion of brick, slate, cobblestone, or other appearances. You can usually select various styles, shapes, and other choices to customise your driveway paving.

2.Concrete cutting. Concrete isn't just concrete any more. It can be cut and scored to make it more appealing. You can cut grooves, lines, and various shapes or even designs in the concrete to give it a customised and pleasing appearance. It is fairly inexpensive and since it's concrete, it's easy to maintain.

3.Aggregate. Aggregate has been used for sidewalks for a while now. But more and more people are using it for driveways. It is more expensive than a typical concrete or asphalt driveway. However it has a beautiful finish and texture that contributes to your home's appearance.

4.Brick driveways. Today, many people are turning to brick as an option for driveways. A brick driveway can have a dramatic appearance to your home. Brick is very durable and easy to work with. It can be cut and shaped to fit the contour of your driveway and can offer a very pleasing appearance.

5.Tar and chip. This is an affordable option too. Tar and chip paving is a process of combining hot tar and gravel or stone for a beautiful finish. It using natural stones intermingled with the asphalt to create a pleasing appearance. Most tar and chip driveways use grey trap rock since it is accessible and affordable. Although it is more expensive than a standard asphalt driveway, it does have more character and visual appeal making it worth the investment.

Consider the various options for driveways before you make a final decision. The above is only a short listing of possibilities. There are many more options and depending on your budget and the size of your driveway, you should explore all of them before you decide. A driveway is meant to last for the lifetime of your home so make sure you choose one that is appealing and structurally sound. Once your driveway is installed, be sure to use good preventive maintenance for years to come and your driveway will retain its beauty and functionality.