Energy Efficient Solar Stepping Stone

Energy Efficient Solar Stepping Stone

Solar stepping stones consist of solar-powered, lighted stepping stones that provide a soft, soothing light along a path or garden while also adding a spectacular decorative touch. It is a lighting method that is safe and provides light exactly where needed.

A big advantage of solar stepping stones is that it requires no wires or fussy installation, as it can be simply placed on the ground. It eliminates electricity utility bills while providing the same lighting functionality needed to cast light in a garden or path. The built-in solar cell charges during the day and at dusk switches on to provide up to 8 hours of energy-efficient LED light. Light color can vary from white to amber depending on the stone model. Some solar stepping stones are equipped with light sensors that automatically trigger it on at dusk, while others come with a manual on/off switch.

Solar stepping stones are weather and water proof, and the solar cell is usually silicon-encapsulated, which protects it from moisture and other vagaries. The stone itself is made of a mixture of fiberglass and resin, and sometimes of polyresin which gives an antiquated look. The use of such materials makes it strong and durable despite its light weight.

Solar stepping stones can be used as a single accent in a garden, though a wide range of designs and motifs are available. Shapes vary between square and circular, with intricately carved or relief motifs, or with decorative trim. Most are made to look like stone, though some designs are available in rustic brown or bronze finish. These models most often come with amber colored LED light. The size of the light bulb also varies. Some models have a single, large bulb in the center, while others sport smaller lights around the design of the stone.

For optimum charge, solar stepping stones should be placed in full sunlight, and away from strong ambient light like porch or street lamps. The LED light, which does not need to be replaced, should however be cleaned regularly to ensure proper lighting and maximum charging surface. On days of rain or cloudy weather, it has to be noted that the light might burn for less time at night.

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