Having A Driveway Requires Maintenance

Having A Driveway Requires Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your driveway, there are some simple tips and ideas to make your job easier. Driveway maintenance does not have to be a daunting job. Routine maintenance and repair helps to ensure that your driveway is an extension of your home and is a welcome sight for family and friends.

Taking care of your driveway is an essential part of a homeowner's responsibility. Do-it-yourselfers can save themselves lots of money when it comes to driveway maintenance. The following eight (8) driveway maintenance tips will help you keep your driveway in good repair and make it a part of your overall landscape.

1.If you have just had a new driveway installed, start your maintenance now. For the first few days after the driveway is poured, it's important to keep it moist by wetting it down every now and then with an outdoor hose OR as instructed by the driveway professional who installed the driveway. Different types of driveway surfaces require different types of care once they are installed so be sure and get advice from the installer. Check with your installer and remember that sealing a new driveway will help it stay looking new longer.

2.Sealing a driveway is important. Be sure to seal your driveway every 2 to 4 years. Sealing will help prevent plants and grass from growing through the surface and will help eliminate cracks that become a major issue. Don't seal too often or you could cause an overabundance of filler that builds up and causes an unsightly mess. Think of sealing like waxing your wood floors. It protects the surface and makes it look nice and shiny. It also helps it retain its durability and integrity. Sealer can also help fill in any cracks and prevent water from seeping in. Check with a driveway installation professional for ideas on the best times and way to seal your driveway.

3.Keep the driveway clear and smooth. Use a leaf blower or other tool to remove debris, leaves, and other things that fall on the driveway. This will help maintain its quality and beauty.

4.Inspect your driveway at the end of each changing season for any new cracks or problems that may have occurred. Finding them early is a key to lower cost repair and maintenance.

5.Watch for any potential problems with water. If water is allowed to seep into cracks or if there are problems with water underneath the driveway, it can damage the base of the driveway and cause support issues ñ this can be very costly and may require driveway replacement.

6.Fill cracks promptly and allowing them to stay for long only leads to bigger cracks, erosion, and major problems. Fill cracks with a filler that protects the driveway and seal it according to manufacturer's directions. Filling cracks will prevent water from eroding underneath the surface and will prevent decay that can compromise the integrity of the driveway.

7.Clean the driveway for optimal care. You may think that a driveway doesn't need cleaning, but think again. Regular driveway cleaning can enhance the visual appeal and integrity of the driveway. Spraying the driveway with a hose to remove debris. Use a cleaner to remove any gas or oil stains that are visible. Usually a mild detergent does the trick. There are specially formulated driveway cleaners for tougher stains and you may want to try a stiff brush if needed.

8.Repair depressions in the driveway when they appear. Don't wait until they become huge! Filling in the area to level a depression is the best wait to avoid water from standing and causing further problems.

These tips will have your driveway in good shape year-round. Paying attention to the changes and potential problems with the driveway will save you lots of money and frustration down the road.