How To Build A Positive Living Space?

How To Build A Positive Living Space?

Is your house a 'Home SWEET Home'? If it's not, you can use the principles of feng shui to create a strong center in your home. Start with one room and work your way around the entire house.

Ditch the Clutter Once & For All

The first thing to do when remodelling your home is to remove all the clutter. And, everyone has clutter. What about that closet you have given up to the dust bunnies? Where do old lawn tools go to die? Itís probably somewhere in your garage.

Hold a yard sale or a swap meet to get rid of stuff you don't need any more. Donate clothing in good condition to the local charity. Much of the extra stuff contributes to your energy not flowing throughout the house as it should.

Map it Out

Next, create a bagua or energy map of your home. There are four cardinal points (North, South, East and West) and each one can be further divided (NE, NW, SE and SW). You now have eight distinct areas in your home. Each area has a governing element and colors recommended for your use.Feng shui is applied not only to building harmony and releasing energy in your home but also to cures. Even a home needs to be cured now and then. Have you ever walked into a place and felt depressed or sad? Something is wrong with the energy in that place, according to feng shui theory.Each feng shui color has an element associated with it. In the common areas, bring all of the elements together in balance through furniture, artwork, flowers and other features. Using miniature fountains is a great way to bring water into the picture.

Everything In It's Place

Where everything in your room is placed is also important. You want the energy to flow unhindered. Resist blocking natural doorways with furniture. Avoid re-cluttering your home with a lot of furniture or accents. Less is more. Simple changes make a big difference in a feng shui home.

Your house has resonates who you are as a person, what you do for your surroundings dictates who you are. Let your home flourish and increase the positivity around you, during such pressing times your home has become the centre of your daily actions. Your daily environment should bring you negativity.