Maintenance For Sidewalks Can Be Easy

Maintenance For Sidewalks Can Be Easy

The old-fashioned sidewalks of long ago are a nostalgic site. Cracks and crevices with wild grass and dandelions growing sporadically through them and depressions and upheavals in the concrete abound. But for today's homeowner, a sidewalk like this is a sidewalk in major disrepair! It's time to think about replacing that sidewalk.

Sidewalks do require some maintenance to keep them visually appealing and functional at the same time. Sidewalks in poor repair can be a dangerous place for accidents waiting to happen. Tripping and falling over cracks and problem areas of the sidewalk can be a problem. But itís not just cracks that are a problem. Debris can also be a problem to sidewalks.

Review the following tips on property maintenance and care of your sidewalks:

1.Repair cracks and crevices as soon as they appear to avoid further damage and injury.

2.Sweep sidewalks frequently as needed to make sure that debris, loose dirt, rocks, gravel, and other material are cleared away. These things can cause erosion or falls. They can work down into the cracks of the sidewalk and cause larger cracks.

3.Occasionally rinse the sidewalk with water to remove dust and debris. This will keep the sidewalk in better condition. Keeping the sidewalk clean is a good maintenance tip and it also keeps it looking better at the same time. When you pull out the leaf blower, be sure to blow the sidewalk too.

4.Some sidewalks are prone to stains and spots. Oil, dirt, salt, and chemicals that are used during cold weather can stain sidewalks. There are specially prepared stain removal products available depending on the type of sidewalk. Check them out and remove and clean sports or stains as soon as they appear.

5.Use environmentally friendly products to clean and repair your sidewalks as this is good citizenship!

6.Trim bushes or shrubbery that may be hanging over sidewalks to keep them clean and clear. In some instances, you may have to remove shrubbery or trees if the roots are growing underneath the sidewalk, causing cracks and irreparable damage.

7.Depending on the type of surface, you may want to consider sealing the sidewalk. There are various types of sealants for different types of sidewalks such as concrete or asphalt. Check out the sealants that are best for your sidewalk and use them as directed.

8.Donít allow water to stand on sidewalks. After a heavy rain, snow, or ice storm, sweep the sidewalk clean and clear. Removing water is a good way to prevent damage to the surface.

Sidewalks can be a beautiful feature of your home, but without the proper maintenance and care, they can also be an eyesore. Unfortunately, poorly maintained sidewalks can be a hazard to children, older adults, and anyone else who may trip or fall on cracks or debris left unkempt. Pay attention to your sidewalks and give them a periodic clean and maintenance check. Then you'll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.