Modern Landscape Designs For Your Dream House

Modern Landscape Designs For Your Dream House

When it comes to modern landscape design, there are thousands of different decorative options available to you. The crisp, clean appearance of modern yards are popular among households, hotels, and businesses alike. However, making it work is more than simply creating modern shapes and adding chic decorative accents. Here are a few tips on how to keep your modern garden looking great for years to come.

Before you make any big purchasing decisions, it's a good idea to at least have a basic skeleton of an outline. This outline can include decorations such as stepping stones, flowerbed borders, fountains, pools, small ponds, and even furniture. Many also include lists of different plants, grasses, trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges to include as well. You can even help design what shape you would like your garden to be in, as well as the overall shape of the flowerbeds within and the hedges surrounding it. As you can imagine, this leaves you with a world of different possibilities.

However, modern landscape design is more than just aesthetics. If you want your garden to last, it's important to choose carefully when picking out your plants. Many beginning designers end up introducing invasive species such as Japanese honeysuckle, mountain mint, kudzu, morning glories, and others without knowing that these plants have the capacity to choke and kill other plants as well as literally take over your entire yard. In avoiding these plants, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

However, another part of modern landscape design is picking out plants that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but compliment the environment. For example, if pollination is your main concern, try using flowers that naturally attract bees and hummingbirds. If there's a portion of your yard that is in danger of erosion, invest in some hearty grasses to keep that spot green. You'll be amazed at what a few careful choices will do to keep your garden healthy.

Another part of modern landscape design is choosing different stones to place throughout your garden. This may include stones that are carved in specific modern shapes for stepping stones or simply stones used to create borders for flower beds. Even a freshly laid stone patio can do wonders for creating the ambiance you're looking for. You can create a lovely consistent look by sticking with one type of stone, or you can add an artistic twist by adding different shades and textures. Learn more about modern landscape design today!