Need A Waterproofing Specialist?

Need A Waterproofing Specialist?

Over the last 20 years, there had been a series of technological advances in the construction industry and its adjunct waterproofing services. Mostly, this is more in the use of materials of advanced qualities and sophisticated systems.

All of these have varying costs, degrees of effectiveness, and toned-down invasiveness of the nature of installation. Some are simpler to install, and others need some detailed systems information. The question is: Do you need a waterproof specialist?

Why waterproofing

A concrete building or structure needs waterproofing for the simple reason that the concrete itself is not watertight on its own. A moisture-laden room, caused by water seepage (usually your basement) is a good breeding ground for molds and mildew.

In time, these will cause an additional problem of unpleasant musty odors. Damp areas can also cause faster rusting of your appliances and attacks the wooden surfaces of anything inside that room.


A waterproof consultants typical service is a survey and inspection of your problematic area. These can include visual inspections, laboratory testing, investigation and discovery of leaks, measurements in moisture and extent of job requirements, and pricing.

They would also include mapping out your basement, provide drawings and specifications, and highlight the trouble areas. These professionals can easily formulate a repair plan-of-action specific to your needs.

Waterproofing consultants also offer quality control management for your project, if you need it. They can also ensure quality control should you hire an outside contractor for the work. They will see to it your specifications are met.

Also, after the job is done, the waterproof consultant offers follow-up inspections. This will go a long way in averting future damages and save costs.


Professional consultants in waterproofing are very knowledgeable in locating leaks or other waterproofing problems. Finding them, they would immediately know the exact causes and best way to fix them.

Like any other professional job specialists, these experts had undergone intensive training or had long years of experience in the industry. These consultants can often do the job themselves or can refer you to a competent contractor.


Prices for hiring a waterproofing consultant vary from place to place. Since problems in waterproofing also vary from place to place (each place has unique specifications and related solutions) you can rest assured that the needs of your home are going to be met.

If your consultant is not from your local area, they would expect to be compensated for travel expenses as well. Depending on your needs and the extent of the job requirements, costs can exceed a thousand dollars.


Sometimes, when home owners deem the expense of hiring a waterproofing consultant is too steep, they would venture to perform the entire project by themselves. However, some people have found out that their own mistakes are more costly than hiring a consultant from the very beginning.

Others, having found no professional consultant are around their areas, usually hire a professional waterproofer. A professional waterproofer often had the experience and skills to diagnose and treat your home problems. Right now there is a huge demand for technological advancement. The covid 19 has brought up a huge relevance for efficient tools to manage projects in construction. Yovza is a web based platform that helps in providing a remote working environment for your projects. You can collaborate with your contractors and also manage and view the progress from anywhere. The software allows you to maintain your budget and efficiently complete the project with minimal errors and wastage of time.

If you want to save some money, be sure you can follow waterproofing instructions to the letter to ensure success. If you are unsure of your skills, get a real professional.