Switch To A Better Source OF Energy

Switch To A Better Source OF Energy

Many energy-conscious homeowners who wish to go green are becoming more and more interested in the idea of solar power. It is possible to do it yourself provided you know what to expect and how the energy is able to be used in your home. It needs to be converted so that it will be the right wattage for your home.

Some areas are offering subsidies to help people move to solar power, and helping with start-up costs. Others will not only help with start-up costs, but will also give you a break on your bill because your panels will be used to power other homes in your area.

If you want to go green and save money too, here are some important considerations related to solar power.You need to price the cost of solar panels and installation. If your local power company is subsidising, or you need advice, talk to them first. If they are not subsidising but might offer you a bill credit, discuss all you will need to do.

Creating Your Own Solar Panels

The first step will be to buy the solar cells. You can buy them wholesale, or sometimes second hand. They will usually last many years and save you far more than the purchase price. These days, they even add value to your home.

Next, construct the solar panels. You will need a wooden container, wire strippers, wire cutters and soldering equipment. You will also need a diode to keep the energy flowing in one direction, into your home.

Wire the cells together to form the panel. The type of energy you need to run the electronics in your home is AC (alternating current), but the type of energy stored from solar panels is DC (direct current). Therefore, you will have to purchase an inverter.

You will also need a battery to store the energy generated if you aren't planning on using it immediately. You can find both inverters and batteries on eBay for reasonable prices.


Once you have created the solar panels, they have to be inspected to make sure they are safe to use. The inspections will also help you qualify for the tax incentives associated with the solar panels.

You will not be allowed to wire your solar panel to the grid if you havenít passed an inspection. Once you pass, you will be able to sell any surplus energy you generate.

Shopping Around

If you are looking for a new home, tell the realtor that you are interested in one which is already solar powered. Some solar panels are uglier than others, so you could actually knock down the price in some cases.

If you are not the do-it-yourself type, look for discounted panels from manufacturers if they are running a sale, and/or clearing out inventory and discontinuing certain models. See what the warranty is and ask if it can be extended.If you are thinking of buying second hand, you will need a qualified inspector to test them to make sure they work and are not damaged in any way. They can often be more damaged in the back than the front.


Tesla manufactures a safer alternative to solar panels up on the roof, Powerwall. They can be mounted on any outer wall that gets direct sunlight, and power the entire house, and/or draw power from the mains when electricity is at its cheapest. They can also be wired together if you tend to use a lot of power in your home or office building. They are attractive and not glaringly obvious like solar panels on a roof. You would need an inverter to switch from DC to AC.

During the Covid-19 we have seen how much energy we can save. This reduction in energy consumption has not just effected the planet , but has also helped reduce our bills- this is an integral reason for saving up on your savings. While there are some countries like Denmark that are encouraging their people to switch to energy efficient options, it will still take time for it to become a worldwide phenomenon.