The pandemic paves way for web based management softwares.

The pandemic paves way for web based management softwares.

The recent pandemic has led to humans spending their time indoors. This has led to a decrease in industrial work and construction, the lack of movement has also added to the reduction in greenhouse emissions. . IsIis it safe to say that a pandemic has saved us all from climate change? Not exactly. Even though the emissions have drastically reduced, we are still a long way from actually saving our planet. Recent practices carried out may have given us a fighting chance, but these efforts are still not enough. So why are scientists and experts creating better eco-friendly methods? 

Since the beginning of the 1950s, we have seen a huge shift towards urbanization and growth; on a global scale. This rapid expansion has led to the mass utilization of resources around the world. The use of chemicals, the rise in greenhouse gases, and the high energy consumption has led to an unseen rate of resource utilization. In those days mortality rates were high, due to the rise in pollution and low standards of sanitation and healthcare. Things are different today, the mortality rates are much lower, but the rate at which harmful gases are entering our ecosystem is much higher.  Man’s pursuit of growth has always been like a saddled horse, always moving forward and not seeing how it goes. 

.The level of emissions that have increased in the last 150 years have had drastic impacts on our ecosystem. Gases such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) have also contributed to the rising temperatures and causing various health issues for humans across the globe. It's not just individuals but companies as well, who are showing no signs of reducing their carbon footprint. Beverage, Energy, Steel, Coal and Cosmetics — are some of the most notorious industries to contribute to the worsening environment. Today, every industry is allowing the ecosystem to remain crippled. Mass amounts of deforestation for lumber, paper, and space for the construction has slowed down the exchange of gases-- this has led to the abundance of harmful gases in our environment.  An iconic example is that of the central park in new york —surrounding the concrete jungle is a green patch of greenery. . That's what it has reduced to? There might also come a day when we see the amazon forest in that condition. Are we ready for such a sight?

4 billion trees are cut down each year to make paper, and out of that 16% of landfill solid waste is paper.. On an average 30% of printed copies in companies remain in the printer itself, 70% of the office waste consists of paper— the worst part is that half of these papers are printed and thrown on the same day. Today, due to technological advancements; green initiatives are being taken, companies are becoming more mindful of their resource usage and almost everyone is trying to make an effort to educate citizens and help the environment. Cloud computing is one such innovation that helps offices convert the 70% paper wastage to zero. Tech companies in recent times are coding endlessly to create seamless web based management softwares to set up a virtual platform for all our paper needs. 

Take Yovza for example— this company allows construction stakeholders to process all their approvals, designs, and any other relevant documents on a cloud-based server. This ensures fast approvals and  easy tracking abilities which also prevents loss of data, as everything is stored on the cloud. This means, a day would come for the construction sector where documents aren’t used at all. These construction management softwares are made while keeping a brighter and sustainable future in mind by providing a sustainable solution to reduce their green footprint.  We  all want to see a beautiful world, breathe clean air, and live happily. Our current actions would not allow such a utopian belief to come true. But the opportunity is ours to shift to a greener and cleaner tomorrow.