Wireless Site Survey Tools

Wireless Site Survey Tools

In today's fast-paced environment, wireless site survey tools are the common trend. Many individuals and organizations are using these tools for some wireless site survey purposes. And, with the great features and benefits that the wireless site survey tools may offer, it is no wonder that many are looking for it even just free wireless site survey tools. But, are there any free wireless site survey tools today? Well, just read on.

Speaking of free wireless site survey tools, it is so interesting to know that today, one of greatest names that emerged as one of the popular free wireless site survey tools is the NetStumbler. NetStumbler is one of the well-known free wireless site survey tools that specifically run on Windows-based computers. It is noted that as a popular free wireless site survey tool, the NetStumbler is so valuable for wireless site surveys as well as for detecting unauthorized or rogue access points.

Aside from that, such free wireless site survey tool can be employed to display a graph that is illustrating the signal-to-noise ration of a certain access point. It is commonly noted that this is one of the strengths of this free wireless site survey tool since it is valuable for assisting a network administrator in choosing the ultimate area to position a particular access point for the purpose of maximum coverage.

These free wireless site survey tools, in return, will display the graph in basically two colors, that is, green and red. Accordingly, if the graph color shown by this free wireless site survey tool is mostly green, it means that the signal is strong. On the other, the red color shows a rather weak signal.

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The age of technology truly has its benefits, you just have to search for what you need.