Detailed description of our solutions

e - Tendering


Tendering plays a vital role in the construction business, especially in a region, where still manual methods are used for the tendering process. By processing tenders manually, companies are losing up to 30 % of their product savings which in turn can cause a financial loss in a competitive market like UAE.
With our tool, we not only help companies get their quotes on time but also, we save up to 30% on products through our Live Bidding process, This is first of its kind reverse auction tool through which any company with thorough preparations on requirements, cost and suppliers can easily save up to 30 % on the product prices. Our tool will also salvage time and energy and thus provides a platform to multiply the business and updated with ongoing and upcoming projects.
Route to success any project stack holder in reverse auctions includes:• Thorough preparation - it's essential to know your costs, your suppliers, your requirements, and your market to the greatest extent possible - tiny details can make the difference between winning and losing business. Our advice would be to calculate your initial prices and the very lowest price you would go to secure the business, then create a series of bids in between the two figures to submit during the auction• Have a strong, competent bidder to front your effort during the auction. Your lead should be completely familiar with the auction technology in use and most importantly be clear when to bid and when to fold.

Documents management


Effective projects start with managing information well. All project stakeholders (Consultants, Main Contractors, Sub Contractors and Suppliers etc.) on your projects need quick access to current documents including drawings, contracts, reports, schedules, bids/tenders, and more.
Through us, you can securely distribute documents and models instantly inside your company and with external project associates of your project teams. Due to which the efficiency and scalability increase as you can manage millions of documents and drawings without limits on data or participants. Any number of files, any size, any type. Save up to 60% on document processing times. Each organization gets a secure data store. Only information that is marked explicit is available to other project associates.
Through our tool, you can replace the old clumsy manual process of sending or mailing a transmittal with a digital process that accomplishes the task in a fraction of the seconds, which in turn streamline the process by reducing the printing time and costs by sharing files of any size. You can always see what’s delivered and what’s outstanding with a glance at your dashboard at any given point of time.
The best part of our tool is you can always recover the lost time by reducing the time needed to create transmittal by 95% and cut document upload times by 60%. 
We also have a tool to manage your project Drawings, you can access both current and accurate versions of drawings without searching, waiting or working off the wrong designs anytime, anywhere.You can quickly find any document or drawings using our powerful metadata-based tools and google like keywords.
You have total control on versions of your documents and drawings through which you can ensure that everyone on the project can access, retrieve and manage the current version of all project information.

Project cost management

When it comes to project cost controls, you need an accurate view of how your projects are performing across cost, schedule, design, and the effects of changes to all three. Early visibility into cost impacts starts with connecting every project member up and down the value chain – in the office or the field – on a single platform. As a Contractor you need to streamline your change management & payment processes, Yovza Cost Stimulation offers control and visibility for every step on your way.
Our intelligently designed tool can document and report on changes to your projects’ budgets and forecasts, including scope changes, budget moves, and contingency drawdowns.
Our cost worksheet eliminates inefficient processes & spreadsheets by connecting your teams, systems, and processes on a single source of truth. Control who has permissions to cost data while having a single view into every change made to the plan.
We got your back by making you see at every level for smarter, faster decisions

Invoicing and BOQ tracking 

Every business lies and runs based on monetary value. The invoicing tool is to manage the payments of all project stakeholders. BOQ (bill of quantity) tracking tool will keep track of all the materials getting used for each project throughout the construction process, due to this you will be able to analyze the consumption of the materials at real-time and this allows you to stay proactive and minimizes the chances of overbuying or underbuying.

Procurement processing 

A professional procurement process can be incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to streamline purchasing. It can ensure that you pay the best price for goods or services, save time by choosing the most reputable vendors, and minimize order delays and mistakes.
Let it be known that there is no one-size-fits-all procurement process. Some organizations require a formal process to suit their complex environment, which is often the case in government or education. In those industries, vendors must comply with strict guidelines. Others, like enterprise businesses, require a few key steps to manage budgets more effectively.
An e-procurement tool like ours helps streamline virtually every stage in the procurement process.
Automated vendor catalogues make searching for vendors far easier than scouring the web for hours on end. Purchasers are automatically linked to all vendors that have been selected previously company-wide. This helps maintain consistency across the purchasing company’s locations, as well as ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.
Purchase requisitions can be generated, delivered, and approved all in one place. The same goes for purchase orders and invoices. Storing this information in one central location makes communication easier and faster between all parties.
A full audit trail is kept for every order from requisition through an invoice, making it easier than ever to ensure accountability. With an e-procurement system like ours, you can keep track of every detail related to order – without the hassle of paperwork.
Following these procurement steps can help you control company spending. Choosing an e-procurement system instead of relying on Excel and email to manage your procurement process makes purchases faster, requires less time, and saves you money.

Engineer's dashboard

Every business, large or small, collects data. Information on sales leads, website analytics, customer feedback, revenue reports – it’s all collected, ready to help you make better decisions. But when it’s stored in ad-hoc spreadsheets, it’s not very useful.This is where dashboards and reporting tools come in. Our tool streamlines, centralize and visualize your data, giving you a greater level of insight and business intelligence.In a single page, you will get insights of some of the crucial information such as the Last Milestone achieved, Current Work Activity, Upcoming Inspections, Manpower Histogram History with predictions, Project Photos, each employee work activity log along with a complete list of all the project stakeholders who are on board in real-time

Project Digital scheduling 

The project schedule not only communicates what work needs to be performed but also keeps a track on the budget for each project activity in terms of Manhours spent or Quantity of Material used. Through our tool, you can directly assign any third party associated with the project their task to be done and monitor the progress of the same. The project schedule reflects all of the work associated with delivering the project on time. Without our digital project scheduling tool, the project manager will not be able to communicate the complete effort, in terms of cost and resources, necessary to deliver the project.
Our Tool allows project managers to track project schedules, resources, budgets and project-related assets in real-time. The project schedule can be viewed and updated by team members associated with the project, keeping everyone well informed on the overall project status.Our tool has been intelligently designed and developed by keeping Work Break Down structure in mind, and due to which one can easily split the entire project activities into tiny pieces.

Collaborative team

Team and project users’ tool enhances collaboration and work coordination but also boosts your team’s productivity and work quality. Using simple tools, such as time-tracking apps or task boards, can go a long way, but sometimes you need a more holistic solution to get all the aspects of your team management under control.
Managing your team isn’t only about to-do lists and time allocation. Depending on the size of your team and the nature of your work, you can combine multiple software features to enhance the teamwork and store important data about your projects, customers, tasks, and other activities and resources.
Some of the features which we offer to maximize your team’s work results:
• Work scheduling – assigning and prioritizing tasks, shared calendar• Communication & collaboration – chats, document sharing• Project management – adding work and tasks to collaborative projects and tracking the progress• Data storage – centralized access to information about your customers, contacts, team, business, important news, etc.• Reporting & analytics – work & project reports, time tracking, dashboards