Webinars & Interviews

For the first time ever in the region, Yovza Talks brings to you the stories of unsung construction heroes

"Learn, Stay Positive and Give Back to the ecosystem"Gary Beamish | Joint Managing Director, GAMA Consult FZC

"People should take a leap whenever required"Engr. Anish Thomas | Proprietor, Cintel Construction Supplies FZE

"One Must be Always Learning"Engr. Rabih Sukkar | Project Controls Manager, JLL MENA

"We should respect Civil Engineering"Engr. Ayush | Technical Manager, Scientechnic

"You should always have a learning attitude" - Engr. Ahmed | Managing Partner, Castle Architecture Consultant

"You should get yourself out of comfort zone in order to be successful" - Engr. Sameh | Sr. Construction Manager, Teejan, Oman

"Companies should start investing in Tech Solutions" - Ahmed Hamdy | Planning Manager, Emirates Link Maltauro LLC, Abu Dhabi

"Companies should start investing in training their employees" - Aladdin Fayoumi | Sr. Planning / Resident Engineer, Mimar Group, Dubai, UAE. 

"Killing Construction Paperworks could make an engineer more efficient" - Prem Nawas | Sr. Project Engineer, JLL, Saudi Arabia. 

"There is no shortcut to Success" - Sanjay Tripathi | Managing Director, Astrid Oasis Group of Companies, Dubai, UAE

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